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2018 Big Bend- Davis Mountains Ride the Twisties 18th - 20th of October.


South Central Area Director - COG 5063
Staff member
CaffeineMan said:
kv5e said:
A BIG THANKS to all who came to Alpine for BBRTT. The new venue is a bargain as far as price and next year I will bring a coffee pot for the morning coffee. Weather permitting, we will try to have a Friday night meal in additional to the Saturday night dinner at Judy's.


Well, if you're gonna provide coffee, I will have to make the trip next year for sure...  ;D


;D :great: :bravo_2:


In the shadow of the Valley of Death
A year should be enough time to save up the vacation time I burned going to the Three Sisters National and to save up the money that I burned buying my new C14.  ;D