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2019 COG SC Wildflower Rally


Thank you everyone for a great COG weekend. Mike and I had a blast. A bit soggy when I got home but well worth it. 😎👍🏼


Great Big Thanks to Marty and Butch for hosting and for all who helped to make this a great event.  Weather held up the first two days to make for some great riding.  Most got a little soggy on the way home (except for Ted the "I always trailer" man).  Can't wait til next year.



I made it back to Mesquite about 4:30 Sunday. Marty and I were a little damp but not bad. I enjoyed the event and visiting with all of the riders that made it. Thanks for coming.
Butch  (rbentdude)


This was my first year out to the wild flower ride and I loved it. Thank you to everyone that interacted with my kids they had a great time and where really excited, and asked if we where coming back next year. Hope everyone got home safe and thanks to the organizers of this meet. See everyone next year. Or sooner if the wife lets me before the next baby is here.  :rotflmao:


Global Moderator and Muser of much - COG 5063
Staff member
Great rally and riding in the Texas Hill Country and special thanks to Marty and Butch for their tireless work for this ride. A very special thanks to Troy for his generosity and help.

Greg, Pamela and I left about 0920 with a little light rain and ran out of it north on Kerrville on TX 783. We kept west of the rain shield until Llano when we had a brief light shower which ended before Cherokee. Kept north on TX 16 out of the rain and then took the diagonal FM 2005 to Hamilton. That was three hours but it kept us north of the rain shield where we could have lunch at Rustlers. TX 22 until Cranfills Gap then FM 1238/FM 927 back to Morgan  to TX 174 which missed the rain. Split up with Greg in Alvarado and made it home about 1535 and unloaded, put the bike up and then the rain started here. Thanks to the SPC HREF model which verified and showed little precip on the more westerly roads during our time frame and accurately depicted the rain evolution. This system almost looked a little tropical on the wrap around side of the low with the rain bands and cloud streets we saw in the distance.

It was really great to see everyone and enjoy the fire and fellowship. I did miss Chuck and Delores, maybe next year they will be there.

COG folks are the best and the reason to get together although the Sisters are a great inducement, not to mention the Apple Store/pie/ice cream in Medina!

Ride free


COG Membership Officer
The 2019 Wildflower Rally is officially over.  Dan and I left about 7:20 this morning, and sunshine all the way home.

Had a great time, and thanks Marty, Butch, Troy, Craig, Pamela and anyone else involved in making it happen.



I'd rather host an event than MC it. When I'm standing up front all I want to do is: not be standing up front.
My brain never remembers what it was I was supposed to say. I can't believe I didn't thank Butch for his help.  :-[
Thanks to Butch for his assistance all weekend, and to Pamela and Craig for breakfast help, logistics assistance, AMA refereeing and holding the prize drawing.
Special thanks to Troy for his prize shopping, hot sauce and nachos and the candied (well they were sweet at first) jalapenos and
his very generous financial support for this event.
I also want to thank Josh for his help bringing in the groceries, and Helen for the tomato chopping and delicious breakfast burritos.
I'm sure I've left someone out and I'm sorry about that. Thank you all for coming and helping out.

Some Photos


I want to add my thanks to Marty and all of the folks who helped make the Wildflower a great success.  It was my first time, but hopefully not my last.  As with every COG event that I have attended, the roads were good and the people were better.  Special thanks to Craig & Pamela and Greg for showing me the best roads from the DFW area to Hunt.  Also to Steve Macha for showing me around the area on Fri & Sat.  Even if he did lead us into a toad strangler Sat morning.  The weekend was a blast.  It was a great start to my trip to Cali.  Just got back home a couple of days ago.  That was a great trip as well.