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2019 SPIDER RIDE Registration is open and on the NC Calendar


bikerhawk said:
MizzouMike said:
I think I will be riding a bit of old Route 66 on Saturday.  Going to meet an old army buddy at the Uranus Fudge Factory.


Who comes up with these things?

From my experience, Mike...usually, drummers.

Heading out to liberate the trailer from the backyard & start loading up Connie & Sherpa. Definitely want to use one of my 2 days there as a dual sport day...but Connie would be pissed if I didn't bring her to the Spider.

Lisa hasn't ridden all year, so her C10 is staying home in favor of her kayak. She loves kayaking as much as I love motorcycling. Me in a kayak? No thanks.

Whaaaa?? Drummer are always the brunt of musician jokes. I can hang

roger dodger

Many thanks to Gary, Brett, and Kevin for all the hard work, planning, heavy lifting and doing dishes.

Thanks also to Dave and Jim for showing me around MO (twice) .

As a first -timer this was a hit! I really loved riding your 'continuously undulating serpentine ribbons of asphalt' all weekend.    :)


A great Spider ride is in the books. Thanks so much to Gary, Kevin, and Brett for all the hard work. Also a big thanks to everyone who attended. Weather was great, roads were wonderful, and the food was fantastic.








Rain Magnet
Sorry I couldn't stay longer, but had a good time while I was there.  Great to see everyone, and here are some of my photos:




Kansas AAD
We pulled in at 7 PM last night.  Gotta get that bus AC fixed...the ride home was a bit rough.  Other than that, our first big run with the bus was a nice success.  Lots worked well, several things to fix/update (BUG SCREENS).  The adventure continues!

Thanks to Gary & crew for putting on another great event.  Thanks also to all who attended for keeping the Spider alive & well.


A big shout out to Gary and his crew for putting on another successful rally.  :great: Thanks also to Tony for sharing the history of the Spider rally,  I found that to be very interesting.
  This was my second Spider and it keeps getting better.  I'm already looking forward to next year.
  Finally I want to give a big thanks to the Iowa boys, Stacey and Chris, for making sure I got home safely with that worn out rear tire.
  Until we meet again TCARS! :motonoises:



tundra tom

WOW! What a Rally. Thanks to all that help put the Spider together.
Here’s some photos including our visit with Moe at the Hospital just before his release.


Once again, I'm happy I could make the Spider Ride. What a great event! Great weather and site, excellent roads, great food, and wonderful people. A special thanks to Gary, Brett, Kevin and the crew for all their work. Everything about this event was fantastic.

Made it home Sunday night by 7:15 PM. Only had one close encounter of the police kind Sunday morning. His brake lights came one after he passed me, but he didn't turn around. I was very happy not to get stopped. Oh, Rick Davis was happy, too, since he was right behind me as I set a brisk pace. We did slow down a bit, at least until we knew we were not being chased. Never underestimate the power of dumb luck. I'll slow down next year.