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Another new guy in CO


New member. Just joined the group after getting my first Connie a couple months ago. A ‘19 with super low miles with a lot of the mods I would do already on it. I just passed the half century mark so I certainly remember when the first ones came out and have always lusted after one. Somehow something else either caught my eye or some other great deal came up and I never bought one. After doing a 6 day trip with my wife on the pillion of my Super Tenere this summer it became apparent we needed something more suited to the 2 of us but that wouldn’t bore me to death on solo rides. I told her I am not old enough yet for one of those giant touring bikes so the Connie fit the bill. I won’t bore anyone with the list of all the motorcycles I’ve had in the 43 years I’ve been riding but so far the Connie is near the top of the list and it’s certainly the best bike for me right now.

Platteville, CO

Scary Harry

Fear is not boring. COG# 4090
Industry Vendor
Welcome to COG!


You are just south of me.
Hope to meet you some day.


Thanks Harry... I’ve got lots of ties to the great state of WY. Our son is a freshman at UWY. Friends in Centennial and Lusk. Met my Wife in Lusk 28yrs ago.


Welcome Eric... I am pretty new here to... June? I forget... Anyway... Tell us the list of motorcycles you owned and what you like about the 1400.
I have had about 15 or 16 since 1971 when I started out on a Honda 750... we can see how many matches we have. :giggle:(y)



Ok I’ll give it a shot... some of these (especially earlier one) the years may not be exact but are within a year or 2. I got my first motorcycle for my 7th birthday in Sept 77 and it was a used Honda Z50. Probably a 75 or 76. The early MX bikes are correct because those are some of my best memories as a kid. I raced MX off and on until 2015. The years are the model years and the order is the order I had them. Often more than one at a time.

(75)Honda Z50
(79)Honda CT90
(81)Suzuki TS175
(83)Honda XR200R
(84)Suzuki RM125
(86)Suzuki RM250
(87)Kawasaki KX500 (2) race and practice bikes.
(?)Honda CB500
(86)Kawasaki Ninja 600
(91)Kawasaki KX250
(?)Yamaha XS650
(96)KTM LC4 400 [edit]
(00)Suzuki Bandit 1200S
(02)Suzuki RM250
(06)Suzuki GSXR1000 (The infamous K5 Gixxer)
(11)Yamaha YZ450F
(02)BMW K1200RS
(16)Yamaha XTZ1200 Super Tenere
*(19)Kawasaki ZG1400 Concours
*(00)Triumph TT600 Rebuilding with my son as his first street bike.
*(88) Kawasaki KDX 200. Going to do a complete restoration. It‘s been neglected but for a few hundred bucks I couldn’t help myself.

*In the garage now

I know I’m missing a couple in there. I’ll come back and edit if remember any others.
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Hi Eric,
Welcome! The Connie is certainly a nice ride for two-up. There are lots of difference seats available, and there is a huge difference in comfort levet, both for the rider and the pillion. Everybody's tush is shaped just a little different, and finding the right seat is a plus. You've owned enough different bikes to know this I imagine.
That's quite a list -LOL
My brother has a Ninja 600 of about the same vintage, maybe same year - I can't remember exactly; that is a fun bike!
What kind of mods did you get? It seems almost all of us have a number of mods... some LOTS.
I was fortunate tha mine had some mods when we bought it; i've only made a couple since then..
Welcome again, and hope to run across you sometime.
Keep an eye for events within your riding range (seems that might be pretty large!).


Hey Jorge.. I picked mine up with a whopping 1050 miles on it. It has a Akropovic slip on, V Stream tall windscreen, and bar risers already on it. being 6’3” the risers and windscreen were much appreciated, especially since I didn’t have to pay. I added the Kako throttle lock and have a smart turn system that I’ll put on over the winter. Looking at the shouldabeen ECU flashes. Really looking at the hammer flash. I like the idea of less engine braking, probably a result of all those 2 strokes in my past.


Now that I’m over 50 I’m also looking for a 05 or newer YZ250 2stroke. Going to rebuild and make it a YZ295. Told the wife there’s one more class, the super senior, that I can race now. 🤪