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There's some potential for a future asteroid crime that looks like an act of god. Depending on the size of the rock and the accuracy of the hit, somebody could change some low-lying acres of swamp into a semi-circle of heights surrounding a harbor.
Don't be shocked at the possibility, there's been a lot of stuff that happened in my lifetime that I wouldn't have expected in a comic book.
And it gets worse... you know those blue jackets that have yellow lettters saying "FBI" or "DEA" or whatever? Imagine trying to get anybody to take you seriously when you work for the Asteroid Safety Service.


DAMN, I was afraid to open the laundry room door for months after seeing the trailer at the Saturday afternoon movie show. :alien:

Scary Harry

Fear is not boring. COG# 4090
And just when you thought it was safe to go out and adjust your valves...this.

I recently discovered that you can watch Andromeda Galaxy get closer using binoculars.
It's quite large actually and can be seen with your butt-naked eyes on a perfect clear sky.


Uh, Harry, do I gotta be naked to look at this galaxy? I mean, I know Andromeda was beautiful and all but I think for the first look, I should have clothes on.:)