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C-10 backrest "clamp" bracket bolt sizes


So I sourced the optional C-10 Concours backrest and carrier rack pictured and it clamps to the hand hold with two brackets which I have. Does anyone know the bolt sizes that are used ? Also, there are support brackets on either side of the carrier itself....and it looks like one bolt goes down from the top of the bracket.....while the other bolt goes up through the side bracket and into the clamp. Is this correct ? Are these two bolts the same size ? Any advice is appreciated !


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Not sure of the sizes but heres a couple pics of mine . The rear bolt has a nut and the front is threaded .


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M6*1.0 30mm length for the bolts (socket cap screws) closest to the front of the bike and I measure 43mm in length for the rear bolts, that includes the un threaded portion of the shank. As off the shelf bolts come in 5mm increments, I would get 45mm length for those and you could alaways grind or add washers to get it to length, if needed.

Those rear bolts have a nut on them to attach the luggage rack bracket thru hole to the threaded bottom backrest clamp as shown in BarrieM5 2nd pic.

In BarrieM5 3rd picture I dont see the luggage rack bracket on the near side but can catch a glimpse of the far side bracket where it attaches to the clamp. Barrie, are you missing that near side luggage bracket?

If you dont have a luggage rack you could use 35 or 40mm long bolts and have enough room to add the nuts for the added piece of mind of unclamping.
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