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Devil's Cut 2020


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Excellent event, Jami and I had a great time. If Jami tells you she did not like the roads or my speed on said roads she is full of it, she had a good time. We even had a kick @$$ ride home down through the Salt River Canyon.

COG was well represented at this ride, we had our AZ crew, a CA crew, a NV crew, a NM crew, a TX crew, and Mike Brown showed up from VA. 👍

Thanks Dan and Kathy, even if y'all failed on the group photo.📷 🤓


I had a great time and I’m looking forward to next year. After a two hour delay leaving on Sunday and looking toward a 12 hour ride good ol’ Ted led me on a “very spirited ride” back toward Albuquerque where I saved 30 minutes at least. LOL. For those of you who don’t know; when I woke up Sunday morning and went to unlock the disc rotor lock on the bike, it wouldn’t unlock. The pin was simply spinning in place. I got some help from a local guy named Ed who brought out his sawzall and between the two of us and 25 minutes we finally were able to get the lock off. As normal with this caring group, many people were hovering around the bike offering their help anyway they could. I friggin love y’all and appreciate the concern. Until next year, Cheers!


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Had a great time. Was able to catch-up with some old friends and made some new friends also.
Really enjoyed meeting everyone. Hope to do it again next year. Thanks Dan & Kathy Ya'll are the best.

C'ya down the road!
Doug Meister


In the shadow of the Valley of Death
Blew a corner there Ted. 😋😋😋

Nice video Andre. It was great to see you guys.
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Took me awhile to realize that the Ted you mentioned was Kuzin' Ted..
I enjoy riding with him too.
So, I'm gonna try to be there next time.

Ride safe, Ted
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I am ridding with you guys next year!!!
the more the better :) I'm cleaning up my videos and after Andre uploaded his , will post link here. This road just gets to me. still day dreaming every day and sampling a video here and there. i don't now if that helps or makes it worse :)