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Sport Tourer
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Jeeezzz....buy a truck, man.  Cool anyway.

Remember the member a few years ago who had the little white poodle named Duke, he made a seat for him in the saddle bag with a windshield and all?  He rode all over the place with Duke and sent us pictures...."Travels With Duke", great posts.



I miss my dog.
:'( :'( :'(
but I can't bring myself to get another, till I give up riding.  which may happen soon because the love for an animal, outweighs the love for a machine.
:'( ;)


I hear ya Rich.  When we lost our sheltie, Mr Oreo, it about killed me.  My son got my current Dog, Lola.  AKA Lola Falana.  She's black and beautiful! ;D  I love this dog to death.  I'm a boxer convert!