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Free caliper brackets for 310mm rotors.


So I ended up buying the 310mm rotors and calipers brackets that Murphskits had posted He accidentally sent me two sets of brackets. I let him know and he said to do with them as I pleases he didn’t want them back. I’m willing to pay it forward and give them to someone under the condition that they buy some parts from him Say $150 worth You could buy the stainless steel lines and pads from him and buy the rotors too if you like. Also there are other bikes with 310mm rotors that can work The ebc part number is 4012 x. If you look it up you can see what bikes came with rotors that will work with the kit I put ebc sintered pads, steel braided lines, and the 310 mm rotors and the stopping power is dramatically better. I was able to move the lever closer to the bars because it takes less travel to get more stopping power. So just show me a receipt that you spent some money with him and I’ll even pay the shipping hope this helps someone CF7ABF2A-2578-4144-9440-500D93A2DD9F.jpeg
Clarify; These brackets work only with 310 mm rotors and stock calipers?

Ride safe, Ted
Yes sir. 4012x is the ebc part number for the rotors I used. You could use the rotors of any of the bikes they fit on. Saw a set for 90 bucks on eBay. They work very well with steel braided lines.
Bump. Still available. You don’t have to buy the $00 set of ebc rotors. Yoy
Can find a set on eBay and se the brackets. Just spend a few bucks with Murphskits or if Ty use beeen a loyal customer. They work great
If you still have these, I'd love to have them. I'd be happy to pay something, or at least shipping too. I just bought a couple hundred worth of parts from Murph, and will be placing another order soon to rehab my brakes, so this would be a nice swap while I've got them off.

I'm still interested in these if you have them. I'm happy to pay or cover your shipping.

I can also PM you receipts from a bunch of recent orders I've made from Murph, if you'd like.
Yea sure you could have them. One thing to consider is that I went through my first set of pads since getting them and noticed the pads don’t contact the rotor perfectly. I can send you a pic if you want
Awesome, just sent you a PM with my info.

I'd be interested to see your pad wear pattern. Maybe it's something that can be avoided when I install them.
Awesome, just sent you a PM with my info.

I'd be interested to see your pad wear pattern. Maybe it's something that can be avoided when I install them.
I think what he's saying is that not all the pad touches the rotor. There's pictures here somewhere that clarify things for you.