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I can take you there.... if you want to go?


Hey fellow COGers,
This is located in south eastern KY.
Between my home town Hyden KY, and Hazard KY

Ride Safe



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wayne-o said:
Does it live up to its name in anyway  ? Lemme guess, it ends at a Harley dealer.

Oh No, it certainly lives up to it's name.
Better suited to Adventure bikes than Sport Tourers.
Its an area where a several hollows all meet, not a flat spot in the area.
A lot of the road is still gravel.

My family cemetery is on top of a mountain at the west side of the area

US 461 from Richmond KY to Harlan is nice ride, see a few groups of riders pass thru town these days



Boomer said:
I'd rather go for a

Hey Boomer,
Agreed.... I'm too old and beat up for the adventure bike stuff

Wickford UK?.  West coast area....  I never made into your neck of the woods.

I did spend a fair amount of time in the midlands(Leicester), Wales( Cardiff)
and Scotland ( Prestwick, Largs, Troon)  during my working days.
If your into golf,  I even got lucky enough to play The Old Course, Old Prestwick and Turn-berry

Didn't spend time in London other than the Gatwick
I did take the "Chevy Chase" tour of London one day, enroute on train between Leicester and Cardiff. ;)
Checked my bags at the station, and walked around for the day....
exited the tube at Big Ben, across the bridge, the palace, up Pall Mall to Picadilly ,

Beautiful city. 
I'm big fan of the UK.
Wish I could come back and "ride" around for a while.

Have you been to Isle of Man?  That's a bucket list item.... not likely, but one can dream



Interesting.  Grace and I visited Hell last November.  Hell was the name of a small town in the Cayman Islands.  Not much there besides a small store and a post office.


Interesting... I play ADV Adventure Tag, where we ride, take a picture, post it and someone posts a similar or same shot, and then posts a new tag.. about 12 years ago, I started a Game called "666- The road to Hades"
All of the roads crisscrossing the USA with the number "666" (or "999") were the subject... it's still going on, and occasionally we get a "new" post, I found and shot a bunch of them...
There are also lots of Hell signs....

If you subscribe to ADV you can find the game here;