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Lid picker/Motorcyclegear.com

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Dont know if this is the where I need to put this mods feel free to move as you see fit.This was the first time I have bought a helmet online
I came across the motorcyclegear.com website a couple of weeks ago I think somebody here had referenced it I had been looking for a new helmet and at the bottom of the helmet pages I took a look and basically when you order the lidpicker kit you get tools to measure your head front to back,side to side and circumference.You send them your measurements and they send you a list of helmets that will fit your head. I know it sounds strange but I bit and got the list back and ordered a new helmet and Ill have to admit it fit me better than any Ive bought at the brick and mortar store
So I guess what Im saying is the lidpicker matrix actually worked for me
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