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Posting photos made REAL easy...REALLY!!


Sport Tourer
Those of you that already know this, please ignore and don't mock us dummies!  I did a cropped screen grab of this photo and now I can't find who posted it.  Please come forward and claim credit because you deserve an attaboy!
Like so many others here I just couldn't grasp the photo thingy until this guy made it easy.  Awhile back I somehow figured out how to resize with webresizer.com and then add as an attachment.  This way is so much quicker and easier it's not even funny.
Some of us just need a visual guide and a step by step walk thru.  :-[  This was buried in another thread (that I can't find) and I thought it deserved it's own thread.



Just wanted to say thank you to those geniuses who made it possible for us technically challenged to post pics from our SMART phones. For years ive relied on the generosity of guys like 'bud' who would.post pics for me cuz i couldnt figure out the resizing thing... but with the new and improved forum i can snap and post.....halaluyah....