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Read Me -- Information about Forum Names in the new Forum

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Your forum name in the new forum may not match your forum name in the old forum. The migration process did not allow the Name field from the old forum to be mapped to the username field in the new forum. This is easily changed upon request.

This mismatch of names does not affect your ability to post and once it is changed the new name will show in all posts new and old.

NOTE: The old forum allowed the same forum name to be used by multiple users. The new forum does NOT allow this.
If the name you request is already in use by another forum member, you will be informed and given the opportunity choose another name.

COG members have priority over Forum Subscribers when choosing a name.

To request a name change:
Send an email to IT@concours.org​
Include in the email:
The email address you are using to login to the forum.​
The incorrectly displayed forum name.​
The correct forum name.​

Your request will be processed as quickly as possible.
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