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Rules for posting in "The Humor Mill" section. Please read before posting.

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Cap'n Bob

I Need a Life
These are the rules to post in this (Humor Mill) section. Any joke or comments that cross the line, will be deleted.  Anything posted in this section must be of the following:

#1- Any joke can be deleted at any time for any reason at the moderators discretion
#2- If you don't like rule #1, don't post the joke.
#3- Humor in intent, no mean spirited comments allowed.
#4- Clean IE no foul language- try to keep it respectable.
#5- Does not promote violence, rape, etc.
#6- Nothing that is explicit sexually. (Y'all should know what's too far)
#7- All accompanying photo's/attachments must also meet this criteria.
#8- Must comply with all other forum rules that may not be listed here.

If the joke does not meet the criteria it will be deleted at the Moderators discretion. Simply put: If you don't like the rules, don't post the joke. Again, see rule #1.


Note to add: Please folks think twice before posting a joke or other. If you think it might be against the rules, it probably is. So please think about what you are posting before hitting the post button.

Not open for further replies.