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Took a test drive yesterday afternoon to check out my newly reflashed Concours 14. Well, its wonderful...the best way to describe it is Smooth...

I live close to Pilot Mt, NC, just a few miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway, and home to some of the best backroads on the planet. While my 2014 Concours was comfortable enough for freeway drones, riding twisty backroads meant endless throttle transition lurching. And - despite a behemoth motor, the bike often seemed wrong footed and gutless. Roll off the throttle for a bend - lurch! (correct your line as engine braking clunks in)...pick up throttle coming out of the apex - nothing... then lurch! (correct your wobbling line once again). Sound tiring?

Ivan (of Ivan's Performance Products) explained the problem. Seems that the engine control unit (ECU) on this big Kawaski actually switches off the fuel injectors during throttle roll off (causing that big decel lurch). Rounding the curve, throttle roll on creates a delay, followed by a poorly calibrated injector restart (lurch again). Add to this ignition timing maps more focused on cat converter heating than driveability, and you have a lovely (but frustrating) bike that generally just sits in the garage.

The good news? Ivan's reflash fixes all of this. It transforms the C14 into a smooth, pleasant ride. And, there's more. Much better roll on torque, vastly improved parking lot behavior. Overall - Smooth!

(PS: I just installed Rostra cruise control, and must say that it also works far better with the reflash, particularly on grades and at speeds below ~ 70 mph)
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