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SOLD 02 CRV AWD Honda $1K NY


2002 Honda CRV $1000.
155,000 miles.
Needs a right front wheel bearing (IMHO).
Nothing noticeable up to 30 mph, vibrates at 40 & up.
Possibly other stuff like macpherson struts, exhaust (estimated about $950 by the muffler shop but patched up for now).
Had brakes done by the dealer about a year ago.
Could use a paint job but not rusty AFAIK.
Has a 2" reciever hitch rated for 1,000 lbs tow.
AM/FM cassette, non-working alarm, heater & AC ok, power windows.

Located in Nassau County NY
As-is, where is


which configuration?


LX Automatic
LX Manual 4WD
LX Automatic 4WD
EX Manual
EX Automatic

just how bad is the exhaust? i.e. completely shot and in need of headers back, or muffler and tail, and has good cat? (these and Mitsu's have some of the most expensive exhausts around... as I've seen trying to help a local get an exhaust for "do it yourself install" on his Outlander... for less than $1500 just in parts.)

Most importantly is it drive able via freeway, 1000 miles, or does it need to be trailer-ed?

looking for a cheap 4wd, that's not a rust chunk, so I can replace $1k of repair on a currently stored, unrunning, older truck... that has a great body.


The vibration is significant at 55 mph.  I was debating whether it was significant at 40, I gues it would depend on your definition of significant.  I would consider it an adventure to try driving 1000 miles at 40 or less, likely would say @$#& it and pray nothing important lets go doing 60.
The vibration is going to wipe out the effected tire.  I think they are in good shape otherwise, with good tread.  I could check for you.
It's an automatic 4 cylinder with a nice interior but manual seats etc.  It doesn't say EX or LX on it.  Definitely all wheel drive with 4 half axles etc, I got under it and they all felt sturdy with possible exception of the inner CV joint for the right front.  I don't know how much they should move but the other ones didn't move at all so a possible movement on that one might explain higher speed vibrations.
I have an IR camera and it showed 350°F on the right front hub.  The left front had 130°, both rears were 72°F, and all these temps were after sitting a few minutes at 31°F.  The calipers were all cool so I conclude the RF bearing is bad although it isn't necessarily the source of the vibration.
This vehicle has the Takata? air bag and recalls have been done.


The half shafts have rubber doughnuts clamped on them where they might hit the frame during extreme travel.  This doesn't make sense to me since they would hit something sooner than a plain half-shaft would.
Anybody kmoee the deal with that?


Tires have 1/8" of tread in the center.
I forgot to mention the SRS light has been on for 13 years or so, nobody could fix the light even when they said the airbag recalls were done.
The exhaust sounds ok.  It has a 3" long splice in it nearer the front than the rear.
Wife got nervous about something about a month or two ago and that's when the estimate was given.
This will likely sell to somebody local since it's a useful 'station car' without any repairs AFAIK.
IR pics of the hub show (if I post them in the correct order):
1. Left front wheel 130F max
2. Right front wheel 350F max, note the calipers are cool on both.
3. Right front hub area
4. Right front dust shield etc.
The color code goes by the scale at the right in each picture.  If it says 130 at the top then the hottest thing in that picture is 130F.  In a different pic that says 350 at upper right, the same color means 350F for the white areas.


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thank you, I was pretty concerned with the point of driving it to Ohio, at this point I'll have to pass, best of luck tho on selling it local, I'm sure someone will pick it up and do it proper.

ride safe,