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something different


A man walks into a brothel and says, "I want something really different." He is instructed to go to the third floor where he finds a woman. They begin to go at it. Then the man says, "this is fine but I asked for something really different." Oh replied the woman and takes out her glass eye and says "do me in the eye socket." "that's disgusting, I can't do that" replies the man. She convinces him it's all right and they begin to go at it. Afterword, the man says "you were right! That was great! Next time I'm in town I'm going to come and see you again." To this the woman replies, "OK, I'll keep an eye out for you."


Wow things have changed a bit around here. I guess it's an adult forum now eh? (y)

Back in 2013 I was advised not to type a$$ as in "pain in the a--", because it was a family forum and needed to be safe for the moderator's 8 year old grandson. He must be 15 by now, so I guess we can have brothel jokes doing it in the eye socket?

partial pm from moderator said:
The reason I stay on top of language and don't cut much slack is because this is a family forum. If the language gets started it won't be long before others think it's OK and them we have a fur ball.

I'm not chewing you out either but rather reminding you to please proof read with the idea my 8 year grand son might be reading this stuff.

I'm going to keep an eye out for the fur ball. :giggle: