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The South East has a new AAD for Alabama and Mississippi


Southeast Area Director
I've been looking for a long time for an AAD for Alabama and Mississippi and I'm pleased to introduce David Hamil as our newest AAD.

David has been a COG member since 2016 and I first met him at either RWTW or Barry's BRR BQ ride in Alabama. Doesn't matter which. David currently rides a 2013 C-14 and has shared a whole slew of his two wheeled adventures with me. He's in Athens, Alabama, west of Huntsville and works mostly from home as a manager in  a computer firm located in Birmingham.  He's been riding 20+ years and has put 72,000 miles on his 2013 C-14, since buying it in 2015, so he gets "out there." 

He's a long distance rider, having been to and ridden the West Coast, circled the entire state of Florida, and ridden to Canada and back. Next on his list he says, is a Saddle Sore 1000, but he also really enjoys the twisties in N.Ala, and Tennessee, too. His wife of 37 years, Marina, escaped from Florida and for the last two years, rides her own bike. 

We're glad to have him! Welcome to the group David.