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Tire Review


I replaced my old Michelin Pilot Road tires (130/70 front, 150/80 rear) with a Michelin Road 5 GT front (120/70) and a Shinko 011 Verge rear (150/80).

Since my front tire still had some life, the rear was replaced and I put another 1500 km on the front before replacing. Here's what I found. Note that I don't drag my pegs but I keep up with my son on his YZF600 in the twisties. Generally, if I can see around the corner, I go at 1 1/2 times the posted suggested corner speed accelerating on the exit. So far I have not ridden in the rain.

1. Old front, new rear.

Handling fine, not too different other than the rear flat spot is gone. Rear braking better with less proclivity to lock up.

2. Both tires new (2500 km test)

Handling much improved. Tires have a nice round profile. Little effort required to initiate a turn. Braking very good. Very happy with this combo from a performance point of view. I'm expecting the Michelin to be an excellent rain tire and have a long life.

The only negative is that the Michelin gives off a howling or droning sound. At first I thought I'd done something to my speedo sender but that checked out OK. The old Michelin had a bit of the same sound when leaned over but not as loud. When on regular asphalt that has been roughed up by aging (it has turned grey), the noise is there. When I went over new black asphalt, the noise disappears completely. The noise is not a deal breaker but is kind of annoying. I cannot hear the noise at highway speed.