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VBR4 (Very Boring Rally 4)


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The VBR has been added to North Central Calendar  https://tinyurl.com/COGgoesToVBR


tundra tom

I contacted Camp 61 Hotel and Restaurant. They have 5 rooms available for 8/18, 3 single bed and two double bed. If you are considering staying there you should reserve a room soon. North Shore lodging fills up fast in the summertime. http://www.campsixtyone.com/

tundra tom

Very boring re-post: If you are considering camping at my place Frday 8/17 and/ or Sunday 8/19 please let me know ahead of time via PM. I will be also be grilling for anyone that stays. This Fishing has slowed down but the lake is always cool for swimming.
Ride starts at Perkins Stillwater Saturday morning August 18th.2050 W Frontage Rd, Stillwater, MN 55082
It's a 3 hour ride to Aerostich via the Wisconsin side. You can drone the freeway back home Sunday. ;)
Kickstands up at 8:30 AM sharp.
We can accommodate Coggers tenting from afar on Friday night being 45 min. North of Stillwater and Sunday night on the return. Contact me for directions. Pontoon rides included, bring your swimsuit!


Aerostich Factory first, 8 S 18th Ave W, Duluth, MN 55806.
Then off to Castle Danger in Two Harbors (45 minutes) for their Anniversary event.
17 – 7th Street
Two Harbors, MN 55616
(218) 834-5800

From there its a 30 minute ride to Camp 61 in Beaver Bay via Hiway 61 or the long way through the Forest Highway 2 (15) to 11 back down to Beaver Bay - One Hour.

There are two State Parks prior to Beaver Bay, Split Rock and Gooseberry Falls and one past it for camping if you are so inclined, Tettegouche. Note: State Parks fill early.
Lax Lake campground and cabins, 10 min. from Beaver Bay looks nice and highly rated.


They only have 8 rooms at  Camp 61 and a large Bunk House with two day min. stay so get your reservations in early!
Keep an eye on this thread for any additional information.