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Windshield brackets


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In Tom's post above, he says he didn't even notice the loose and flexible condition on his 2018 with 22k on it. Until it was gone. He's had 3 C14s and half a dozen windshields.

I had a Vstream for a short time, years ago. I remember it shaking pretty bad. So that could be part of your situation. I think I remember that they are made of lexan which is much stronger than regular acrylic shields. So they made them thinner which allows the wiggle.
You are correct...


Installed the brackets on my 09 with the XL calsci windshield. Excellent quality and easy to install.

It definitely reduced the windshield shaking and provides piece of mind.


Hello BS, ( no pun intended)

I like to place an order for a bracket... I reached out to via pm ..



Brief update, riding time has been a little dry…. First real use of the machine after the windshield bracket replaced and now with ~1,500 miles behind us 👍.

Windshield does not bounce around like before from wind blasts on highway, stands at appropriate angle constantly / no leaning back several degrees from the large amount of play that developed in original bracket.

So far so good!

Wayne, Carol & Blue

Riding rut continues, but we’ve managed 5,000 miles since install late August - all tight still.

Had a blast from a semi today that the windshield firmly stood up to and laughed!

Wayne, Carol & Blue


Just installed the bracket during my 15K Maintenance. During my first test ride yesterday, and I noticed how the XL CalSci was more stable at speed. I only had some fluttering before, but the with the new bracket the screen is rock solid.

It surprises me how quickly we as humans can adjust to our environment when it is not optimal. This can be a good thing or sometimes a bad thing.

In hindsight, before the install, I did wonder if my windscreen should be moving as much as it did when I was cruising fast enough to get a ticket anywhere in the US. 🤫

Great product!

Thanks Dave,