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1996 Connie.


Hello Steve. Looking at a 1996 Connie for sale super cheap. Wanted to know a reader's digest list of the problem issues with this year model. What upgrades would you do to bring it up to speed..?

Thank you,


Sean, you're asking a question that has endless possibilities.
Everyone has their own wants and needs.

So, (in a single reply) no one can possibly tell you all the all the things you can do to a C-10 to improve it.
ie; The list is endless because over the years, "anything" you can possibly imagine has been done to them.

Go here and dig thru the posts. Believe me, you'll be inspired.
After you get a taste of the possibilities, c'mon back and ask any questions you have.

Ride safe, Ted


I think Sean is looking for the problems regarding an older c10 first, and then asking about mods yhat folks like us have made to make it our own..

Dean, the major issue is fuel leaking past the petcock and carbs. Fills up a cylinder or 2 and causes the dreaded hydrolock. Theres a test procedure thread here somewhere on how to. CHeck for it.. Steve at shoodaben has rebuilt hundreds if not thousands of carbs, and puts in over flow tubes to prevent hydrolock

Some gas tanks developed pin hole leaks at the bottom rear..several recent threads on the rear dif leaking...the J BOX is a source of many problems, Larry buck rebuilds them with quick turn arounds..around...

But u are gonna have difficulty accessing the c10 tech area as just a forum subscriber.. becoming a full member gives u access ....
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