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Converting from Trial Subscriber/Guest to Full Member

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Thank you for being a trial subscriber of the COG forum and being part of making it a great resource for Concours owners. You may have initially registered to check out the club and see what we are all about, review upcoming activities, research the Concours a bit more before making a purchase, or looking for information to help resolve a technical issue or question. Whatever the reason, hopefully you found the club's forum and web pages to be a useful and informative resource. If you like what you see, maybe you are ready to take the plunge to become a full club member.

Trial forum subscribers are limited to a 6-month subscription that provides restricted access to view and post, and searching is disabled. Guests do not have posting permission. (there is a plan to further reduce content access and features over time) Upgrade to any full membership plan to be able to continue to make posts and be rewarded with unrestricted forum access and other member benefits.
Converting to full COG membership is easy Follow these steps...
(if you have trouble, send email to the membership officer)
  1. Go to the main web page www.concours.org, click the Log In button on top left, and log in
    (new users should go to: https://concours.org/join-us)
  2. Click on your name in the top left, and scroll down to Membership Level
  3. Click on Change to the right of your current membership level
  4. Choose one of the full membership plans. (membership is activated immediately when dues is remitted online)

Why pay dues?

We really hope you will give consideration that it is impossible to continue to offer web services at no cost. All COG services (including this forum) are funded by annual membership dues. COG offers a trial forum membership hoping you will check us out, like what you see here, and eventually join the club as a full member.

Club dues are very reasonable at only $37 per year for an individual membership, and $42 for member + associate. Discounted multi-year memberships are also available. Being an all volunteer, not-for-profit club, COG always uses member dues very frugally and tried to provide club members a good value. Many members feel the club magazine, member directory, and rally discount savings alone are worth the cost of membership.

Full club members receive a subscription of our quarterly club magazine, The Concourier, an annual member handbook/directory (mailed once annually in the spring), access to the member's online store (club apparel/stickers/etc), discounts to club events, and more. A comparison of member benefits can be found here: https://concours.org/Membership-Comparison

If the online services the club provides still leaves you undecided if club membership is for you, please consider joining us at one of our activities to get a personal experience. A complete list of activities can be viewed by clicking on Events in the menu. We welcome guests at any of our events.

The Concours Owners Group has always prided itself on being an open club, welcoming riders to participate with us online, and at our rides, rallies, and other activities. Riders of any brand / model motorcycle can be members, which is evident by the many different motorcycles at our activities.

The question is... Why not be a dues paying member?
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