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2005 Gold Connie - SOLD


11/23/2022 Update - Sorry if you were looking at this in November. I forgot to check responses for a bit. It is SOLD. I appreciate the interest!

17,867 miles. New rubber and pads. A few farkles. Owned since 2012.
Low speed drop in July right side (but faster than a CDA).
Asking $2,000 (and sold for $2,000)
Have lots more photos and farkle info if desired.


  • Concours Pics 17.jpg
    Concours Pics 17.jpg
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  • Concours Pics 18a.jpg
    Concours Pics 18a.jpg
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  • Concours Pics 18b.jpg
    Concours Pics 18b.jpg
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  • Concours Pics 18c.jpg
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  • Concours - Dash with Mileage 17867.jpg
    Concours - Dash with Mileage 17867.jpg
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