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30th RWTW - Registration is up! It's time! 30 years of carving Wolf Pen Gap and more!



Hey all! This is it, the 30th year anniversary of Run with the Wolf!! šŸ„³ This only happens to few events. Ones that are memorable, exciting and an absolute blast to be a part of.

Perfectly set in the north Georgia mountains, within striking distance of some of the best roads for motorcycling in America. If you've been, you know you've gotta come to celebrate 30 years of awesome. If you haven't been, you gotta come be PART of the awesome!

Look forward to seeing you all. It's a banner year so banner choochkies to give away. Shirts will be available once we secure the printers. Will be a buy your own and delivered to your home. The artist is Bil Hilson and he's produced some beautiful artwork for us over the years.

Ride to See on Friday (Saturday as rain check) . Cool place to visit. I grew up within sight of the mountain. First weā€™ll go there to the camp, then ride a few miles into Toccoa to the museum.

Going to be here before you know it! Found a new place to ride to see in the area. Stay tuned for the posting!!!!
Ron, I would say that hummingbird hearts "flutter", could you say that you have "palpitations" instead?
Working on getting info from the designer. Hopefully we'll have something soon to post and eventually a link!
Shirt and swag link coming up next week!!

We'll have just a bit over 2 weeks for the on line store. Items need to be ordered in that time to ensure delivery to your home before the rally.

My hope is to also have some for giveaways and door prizes, but if you want to be sure to get a shirt, hat or some of the other items available, order early!

Fingers crossed we'll be up Thursday or Friday next week.

So, register! Order! Plan! And ride!

See ya there,