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Aerostich Roadcrafter 44s/40s 225.00 shipped CONUS



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Posted September 14, 2020
This set is for sale from Tewksbury, Ma and price is 225.00 for suit plus bibs and forward leaning elipse; shipped to the lower 48 states. Jacket is 44S which would be equivalent to a mens sport coat of 42S with room for fleece or heated liner. Pants are 40S which would be good for a 36" jeans which would be worn under the pants. Bibs allow use of the pants as a stand-a-lone or unzipped to the jacket. This would be good for a rider of 5'5" to 5' 7" with an inseam of 29" or 30". Yes it is an older suit but still has a few good years of life. The reflectives have some small blemishes not seen in the photos.
It has served me well through the years all around the Northeast, but I have 'outgrown ' it. I never played in the dirt, I am just a street rider.
No tears and all zippers work well including the pulls. Armor inserts were replaced about 5 years ago when I sent the suit to Aerostich to verify and clean. The reflectives are showing signs of wear and the top velcro inside the jacket for attaching the backpad is missing; I am keeping the backpad for my next 'Stich'. I just washed the suit using Nikwax cleaner followed by Nikwax water repellent.


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