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Factory Turbo ZX-14R 2021


This is a sweet looking machine.

ZX-14R SuperTurbo 2021

Addition of this model would now be multiple machines for Kawasaki that are factory boosted in 2021.

So let us ponder, will there be in the future of the C-14 a makeover:

Firstly and way, long overduedigital makeover / breakthrough:
1) Dash modernization
2) Cruise Control (now showing up on all the new Kawasaki models)
3) Live Dynamic Suspension refinements
4) More impactful ride modes

Second - Factory Boosted!

Then next question is - cost?


May just be clickbait - Lot of effort for a fake video, if that is what it is.

Also hear grumblings 2021 is the ZX-14’s last production year - heard that before though too.