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free tank.


2008 Midnight Blue ZX14
I posted about a week ago for help with a leaking gas tank. I received some knowledgeable guidance from the list on trouble shooting and repair. I have since confirmed that the leak is in the vent tube - a tricky repair. After a few frustrating dead ends trying to find someone local with the expertise to fix it ( nobody was prepared to take it on) and after much deliberation decided that the job was above my pay scale and I have now ordered a new tank. Remarkably, once removed from the bike, I had a pleasant surprise in finding that the expected rust situation in the tank was pretty much non existent. Looks almost pristine - as it should. If you can use it, it's yours. Just pay shipping
One last thing. Re shipping; I'm in western Canada. Chase, B.C. to be exact.
I'm all about recycling when ever possible. Since a new tank will run you north of $800, (if you really wanted to throw me a coupla bucks I wouldn't say no but mostly I just hate to throw out a perfectly good tank if someone has the mojo to do the repair) it's a pretty good offer if there's anyone out there that can use this. Otherwise it becomes a wall decoration and my wife wont let me hang it in the living room.
Let me know if you think you can use it or know someone who can.
Again, thanks to those who offered advise on repair. In the end I just decided I was in over my head.


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I did it also, but just to make sure, do it yourself also...

good luck, :great: :great: :great: