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If you are in the SW Ohio area........The 71st Annual Devils Stair Case Hill Climbs are on for this weekend


Well, The Dayton Motorcycle Club is holding their annual Devils Stair Case Hill Climb again this weekend.

1. If you want to social distance, you can. Just sit on the opposite hill.
That's where we usually sit anyway.
The pit / starting area and track side gets really crowded.. usually. who knows what impact Covid19 will have on attendance
Beer and food lines could be a problem. I carry my own food with me so.....
2. Avoid the heavy traffic area! Enter the track from the south via Wilimington Road to Corwin Road.
Do not use Corwin Road, nor Oregonia Road....... these take your thru the little hamlet of Oregonia located 1/4 mile north of the track.
There 4 stops signs within a 2 block area.!!!! It's real pain. Also, the Little River Cafe has an outdoor bar / band setup that
many people go to and don't bother with the races. So a lot of traffic in the area.
And, once you reach the track, you also have to stop for the pedestrian traffic crossing the road from the car parking area.
Enter the track from the south - you drive right in - no stopping.
If you are coming from the east, you can access Wilmington Road from I71. Then it's just a couple miles to the track.
If you are coming from the west, go into Lebanon, take Main Street east out of town, you will pass under StRt48 bypass, there
is stop light, take a left onto Oregonia Road and then an immediate right on to Wilimington Road. DO NOT stay on Oregonia
road or you will run thru the little hamlet / traffic. The track is about 5 miles east of Lebanon

We are not holding our annual breakfast this year.
A couple of us are meeting to ride out together at 11:00 / 11:30.
You are welcome to join us. PM for my address if interested.
Ride Safe.