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July 10th , 2021 Pre-Approved IBA Rides


Rich Henrion from Norway, Michigan and I are planning several IBA ( Iron But Association ) SS1K rides starting on July 10, 2021 in Wakefield, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

3 rides will be offered, if the Canadian border is open by them, if not then only 2.

The first will be an All Yooperland SS1K - 1,000 miles done in less than 24 hours, all done in the U.P. What could be more fun than that ? This will be the 4th year in a row an All Yooperland ride will be organized. Last year we had 17 Riders and 3 Pillions complete the ride. One young lady on a H-D earned her IBA number while 6 months pregnant !! And 2 teenage daughters earned their IBA number riding pillion with their Dad.

The second ride will be an Alternative SS1K being done in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

The third ride will be a Lake Superior SS1K, if the border is re-opened by then.

And perhaps another Alternative SS1K, if the border is open, done in the U.P. and Ontario.

These rides are not "big group rides". We will have a dinner on Friday for those that can work that into their schedule and often Riders will form small groups at that time or Saturday morning before the rides begin. So Riders do the rides in small groups, solo, or may join a group when meeting at gas stops, or other places along their route, etc.

Riders will be required to collect mandatory receipts to prove their route and for the All Yooperland SS1K, take pics with a digital camera and submit the pics and receipts after the ride. I will verify you did more than 1K miles in less than 24 hours and submit your "paperwork" to the IBA. You do the ride, and I'll handle the paperwork. After sending the required fee to the IBA, you will receive your IBA number ( if a Newbie ) and IBA Certificate from the IBA.

I'll be posting more info of these rides on the IBA Calendar in a few months. In the mean time, mark you calendar for the weekend of July 10th. I'll post here again when the rides are on the IBA Calendar.

Rich Henrion has made a deal with the ski lodge just outside Wakefield for rooms - approx. $80 a night for a double bed room. And if you book 2 nights, I understand the third night is free.

My recommendation is to do at least one IBA ride to determine if you are a carrier the "Defective LD Riding Gene". IBA Riders know what I'm talking about - ask one , if you know one. We get all types of Riders on these IBA rides, and all makes and models of bikes. We always get a great group of Riders. But only have had a few Concours Riders ( only 1 , not counting myself ) so far. I'd like to see more.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Here are 3 of the routes - the Lake Superior SS1K is about 1,050 miles and is pretty straight forward to determine :

2021 All Yooperland.jpg

Alternative SS1K (314 x 219).jpg

Ontaio Alternative SS1K.jpg
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Road Runner

Nice!!! I did my first (and not last) IB ride on Labor Day weekend, this year; a SS 1000. I plan to do at least one each year.

If I lived closer, I would definitely join you for one of these. I have other ride plans already in '21, and planned days off from work ...

Thanks for the info/sharing this.


I made a few changes in the above rides : 1.) The route for the All Yooperland will be the following route instead of the route above, and 2.) The alternate SS1K ride will be an ALL Wisconsin route instead of the route above. Here re the new routes :

H58 Route.jpg

All Wisconsin SS1K.jpg