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KC Area events??

Hey Rick!

So, here’s the deal: There aren’t any events scheduled around Kansas City this year—yet. But don’t give up hope! Normally, our buddy Tom Hunt, the longtime North Central Assistant Area Director (AAD) in Kansas, would have a bunch of KC Connies & Coffee runs lined up for the summer. But get this—Tom just retired and didn’t waste a second before chasing his dream to live in the Pacific Northwest. Good for him, bad for us, right?

But here’s the thing – and this message for everyone, not just our friends in Kansas: You don’t have to be an Area Director or an AAD to host an event. Seriously, anyone can do it! One of the easiest events to put together is a ride-to-eat. All you have to do is pick your favorite breakfast or lunch joint, preferably near some fun roads, fill out an event submission form to get it on the COG Event Calendar, and bam—you’re all set. It’s a fantastic way to meet other riders, eat some good food, and plan future rides.

So, if anyone’s interested in hosting an event but isn’t sure where to start or has questions, don’t be shy—reach out to me! I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions, and if you decide you want to host an event, I will help you set it up. Also, don't forget that your Area Director and Assistant Area Directors are also there to help.

Take care and ride safe!

Mark Wojcik
COG Event Coordinator
COG #465
Remember I was co-AAD with Tom up to a few years ago? 😁
Appreciate putting out the advice. I’ll post up rides as I have time. Was just checking in to see what’s up