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Motoamerica Race, Road America Track 5/31-6/2

tundra tom

I will be at this race with my RV camping at the track, site 1351. If you are going contact me at 612-481-1898.
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Right now, I plan to be there. I usually ride to Elkhart Lake, but everything is still up in the air due to my back issues. I'm still having issues and am waiting for a call from my doctors on how to proceed after my latest MRI. Not sure what they will recommend. I have been on the bike some, but not on a 300 mile ride, I hope to test my riding limits a bit more this week.

This would be an easy decision if I could sleep in a bed. So far, that involves a lot of pain and makes any movement difficult. I might just say screw it and push through the pain. I hate to miss these races. Road America is a fantastic track. There's also excellent Wisconsin health food available, like double brats, deep fried cheese curds and butter dipped corn on the cob. Also, a great selection of beer at the track. Wisconsin folks know how to live.

If I go, I will be with Stronie and a bunch of Knotheads. We have a really sweet set up for lodging in St Anna. We've been doing it for the last 15+ years.

What turn is your campsite near? We will have to meet up. I'll keep you posted on my decision.
Things have changed. I won't be able to go to RoadAmerica. I was hospitalized on Tuesday and might not be released until Mondayif I'm lucky. My blood cancer has reared it's ugly head again. My immune system is attacking and destroying the red blood cells. My numbers are bad and getting worse. So far three blood transfusions yesterday and IV steroids a couple times a day, plus a bunch of other stuff, too.

Have fun. Sounds like the weather will be perfect.