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NEW- Northern California -New Rubber Needed! - Meet and Greet Thursday, June 6th - Sunday, June 9th - Rally Hotel in Redding!


COG Southwest Area Director
Northern California - New Rubber Meet and Greet- Thursday June 6th-Sunday June 9th! See you there!
The best roads in Northern California! Highways 3,36,96, Titlow Hill Road, 299 and much more! Bring tires with plenty of new rubber because you will need it! If you like to ride, this is the Meet and Greet for you! Some of sites you may see are Mt. Shasta, Shasta Lake and Dam, Shasta-Trinity National Forest and the Pacific Coast towns of Fortuna and Eureka! Plenty to see while you ride with many stops to choose from to rest, eat and enjoy conversations.
Rally Headquarters will be at The Thunderbird Lodge in Redding, CA. This lodge is very close to Highway 299 and good restaurants are in short walking distance.
Rates Thursday, June 6th - leaving June 9th
  • King Single - $121.50
  • Double Queen - $125.10
When calling, please ask for the COG rate. They are holding 15 rooms for us. Please get your reservations in as early as possible. They will be holding rooms till June 1st, after which they will release to fill the hotel.
Address-1350 Pine Street, Redding Ca. 96001
Registration & Fees
There are no registration fees. However, we are asking everyone to register online so we have an idea of how many people to plan for.
Questions or issues with online registration, please contact Mark Wojcik at events@concours.org.
Questions & Additional Information
Contact the event organizer Russ Saunders "Motomanaic419" at russ.saunders@cox.net
Please check the COG Forums for additional announcements, information, and conversations.

Register for free so we can get a count
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I have a Lodge in Redding that we will use for our Rally Headquarters. It is The Thunderbird Lodge and all the information on room rates, phone number to call 530.243.5422, please let them know you want the COG rate, and location are on the Event Calendar. I would also ask that you get your reservations in asap. They are only holding the rooms till June 1st and earlier they get your reservation the better that they group us fairly close together. Call, text me or leave a message here with any questions. Hope to see a good group of us (8 registered so far) riding the roads nearby and please make sure you have new rubber! ;)
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Made my reservations. If someone is spending a night on the fifth between Los Angeles and Redding let me know so we can meet up.

Some Of The Very Best Riding Roads Anywhere
Doesn't matter if you are talking California, the Western States or the whole US, these Northern California curvy roads in both the Coastal Mountain and Sierra Mountain ranges are all made up of nothing but sweeps and twisties. Some with 100's of miles on a single road (Hwy 36 alone claims 130+ miles with 1611+ curves over a 5000+ ft pass).

Get more details from the COG calendar page

If you have never ridden these roads, you owe it to yourself.


This no fee COG Southwest "New Rubber" Meet & Greet (gathering at the Thunderbird Motel in Redding) is all about the riding and curves. Arrive Thursday, ride all day Fri and Sat and head home on Sunday. Join up for the weekend or just one day. We're throwing in some socializing cause ya got do something in the evenings - but do not miss these roads. No matter what direction you pick, they are amazing.

There are multiple options for day long loops on Fri and Sat for your to ride solo or in smallish groups. Come for the days you can.

The Meet & Greet is free and open to all riders and bikes. Please register simply so they can get a count of people coming.

Register for free
I thought it was better at first. But my browser somehow went back to rates for this weekend, which was about $10 cheaper...but obviously not the higher rate for the tourist season.

By the time I realized what had happened, I realized I was within the same rate +/_ $1 as if I'd booked as COG with the lady over the phone. By that time, I just finished up the booking.
Four more days to get your reservations in at The Thunderbird Lodge at the reduced room rate before the extra rooms will be released on June 1st to be filled by the hotel. Please get your reservations in by Saturday. See you all there.
Four days before the start of the New Rubber Rally!! Please register, bring friends and see you there! :) (y)
Make that 3 days before the start of the New Rubber Rally! Please register, bring friends and see you there! :) (y)
A word of caution: weather predictions show temps in excess of 100* all along I-5 from LA to Redding, now through next Wed. Mountain roads only slightly cooler. Check tires and carry extra water.
Very true! I have plenty of beer... I mean water to get me up there. Gatorade, Powerades too with electrolytes are very important too.

One day to go! Safe travels. Thank you for the above message Gary.
Just a note: the coast side of the rides (36 & 299, etc.) - are topping out in the low 60's.
At the passes and up 96 you're looking at topping out in the low 80's.
Redding will be hot.
So there will be a bunch of hot, but also some cool.
Morecast is showing it warming markedly as I hit the Redding area. Leaving an hour earlier doesn't help much.



Got in to Redmond at about 7:30. Next week is the BMW MOA rally here. Thank heavens they are not here now!