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New to ZG1000 need help


I just picked up a 2000 ZG100. Hoping someone could post some pictures of the right forward foot peg and the rear bark light switch, both are missing on my bike. The foot peg was broken off, need to see what is missing. The wires for the brake light switch are just hanging in the air, with nothing to connect to.
Thanks for any help you can give.

PS new to the Concours, is a C-10 the same as a ZG 1000?


Till someone uploads a pic you could just look at a parts microfiche online. Most dealer websites have these for you to look at.


JT, when a C-10 falls on it's right side, the foot peg and the foot peg bracket can break easily.
I suspect this is what happened to your bike.

That said, I think you'll need a new foot peg and bracket.

I can't find a complete set up with master cylinder, but here is a new foot peg/bracket assembly on Ebay.
Being new, this isn't a bad price for it.


Ride safe, Ted