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Non running 2005 Yamaha FZ1


My 2005 FZ1 spat out a spark plug and stripped the thread.  I have that cylinder head and another used one I bought to replace it. Both are off the bike. Never  dropped til spring before last so small dent in tank. Bike has brand new Metzler Road Tec. Rear wheel has a dent that was hammered to hold air. Works fine for years both wheels scratched.Handlebar risers and brake line extension. Also has a Sargent and original seat.
      I was offered $500 from Rumble On. Since this forum  is my new family Im offering it here first.  Id like to keep the tires cause they fit my FZ09. Or if anyone wants to swap wheels $50 apiece. Sargent seat is $80 obo.Im open to all offers. Bike located in Northlake, Il.