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Sargent vs Corbin


Now that I figured out my highway pegs I’m looking at replacing my OEM seat. I’m considering the Sergeant modular Pod or Corbin modular pod.
Would like to hear opinions of each. I really like the sergeant modular pod but I’ve seen a lot of people selling theirs here. Is there a problem with them? Is it not comfortable? Not a really big fan of the Corbin modular pod........ looks like the bike has a growth! LOL

*********I POSTED THIS IN THE WRONG PLACE........WAS MEANT FOR THE C-14 THREAD!!**************
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I have a sergeant low profile. It's an ass killer. Based on everyone raving about the Russell Day Long seat I ordered one. The most comfortable seat I have ever owned. It did raise me up a bit and it is too tall honestly, but I love it so much I am making it work. I will say that I feel like I can handle the bike a bit better with the sergeant because it allows you to move around a little more on the seat. You're a bit more set in place with the Russell. For shorter sportier rides I'd probably put the sergeant on, but for longer touring day rides, it's definitely Russell. They call it "day long" for a reason. You can ride all day and there are no hot spots anywhere on your bum.


I'm not familiar with a Modular pod seat for the C-10. Did you post in the correct section?

Ride safe, Ted

PS: There is a Russel Day Long seat {for a C-10} currently for sale on the Forum.


I did post correctly just in the wrong spot! It was suppose to go on the C-14 section.......thank, Ill repost