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Search function


I love the people on this website, but the search function...... Leaves more than a little to be desired. It only searches one word no matter how many you type in. This is what I see


I have been looking for the original baffelectomy thread for a while. Found over 100 post referencing the original thread, but not the thread.

I don't know if I am doing anything wrong, but I am using the newest android phone, s23 ultra, Firefox for browser. I don't remember having this problem on the other phone but it's super frustrating. What I've been doing is opening google and search the web, and find the clump of posts from the forum and expand it.
When search words are too short, Try entering the search criteria string within quotes like this:
"7th gear mod"
How much syntax can you use? Like google? I wish I would've tried it
No special syntax… however here are some tips found…
  • search for alpha beta gamma finds posts that have all three words, in any order
  • search for "alpha beta gamma" finds that exact phrase
  • search for alph* finds any words beginning alph (ie * is a wildcard)
  • search with three or less characters fail
  • search ignores punctuation marks, treating the characters before and after the punctuation as separate words.