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these are all concepts we know already but I didn't realize that they're using optical imaging now. I agree except there are some asphalts that offer less grip at higher temperatures. Barber Motorsports before the repaving was one of them. I can't speak for it now. Does anybody here know if it's still the case? It used to get super slick at about 1:00 p.m. I couldn't get the back end to stay in line at all.



It's been a long time sense I've seen, "WERA". I worked with Peter and Patty back
in the 70"s putting on races here in the north. Keep the faith.


Crotch Rocket
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Asphalt is gravel suspended in a mix of tar.
Once cooled the tar "sets" but it still allows the gravel to move slightly and the road surface to flex with the movement of the earth.
This is why it is preferred over concrete as concrete does not flex, it breaks.
When the asphalt warms up, the gravel can move more so that tiny spike of gravel that your tyre is replying on for a fraction of it's grip can move/rotate reducing that grip. Multiply that by several thousand and you end up with less traction.
Worse still when the tar warms, some of the lighter tars in the mix can "float" to the surface creating a surface with very little gravel showing through and that can be slick as snot (think tar snake).
Many junctions over here have ShellGrip on the approach and the grip of that stuff is amazing, but it wears badly and is expensive.
I've often wondered what kind of times a TopFuel dragster could do on a 1/4 mile of Shell Grip.  :motonoises: :great: