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When the track hazard is in the air


Street Cruiser
I think I just powned a "slightly" damaged bike  :rotflmao:

Oh ... And answering the question ... Pray ... :(


Iron Butt
Gumby said:

Not much ya can do in that situation.

True, my thoughts exactly. Although, I was thinking the whole time the rider in the orange shirt sucks, I wasn't surprised he crashed, although the flying bike was rather startling. From the title I was expecting a large bird or something.


Wow amateur hour.  I would have been afraid for my life in that race the entire time but I am sure that bike would have hit me too.  Just no time to think.


Crotch Rocket
I would have attempted to swerve left.  Looks like the orange rider either is either riding past his or the bikes skill limit (Guessing his).  In the corner he gets rear wheel wobble twice, telling me his center of balance is off, and he lays his knee down nicely, but don't see much body lean.  Right after the second wobble, he pushes to outside, again not the right weight transfer, hence causing the accident as he comes back in.  Had I been the one recording, would have backed off a bit after tire wobble incidents, and tried taking him after he straightened out,  which would have meant I was clear of accident to begin with.  Note: I have never been to a track day to ride, but have watched several from the sidelines.


Happened too quick to do anything, especially at track speed.

At first it looks like a bit right would be the direction to go between tumbling rider and bike, but then that changed.


Sport Tourer
I would have stopped and beat the crap out  of that punk! DAMN that guy should have been pulled off the track!


I would have hoped that today was the day I wore my "Heavy Duty Depends with Extra  Brown Guard" :043:

There really wasn't time to do anything was there?


the real pisser is that the guy in the red shirt was supposed to be the control rider teaching the other guys!


That was not a race but a trackday with a control rider in the orange shirt. He flat screwed up. Hopefully no one was seriously hurt.


Isn't that why we must sign wavers at race tracks? I think we should
realizes anything can happen, there will allways be times when we are
expecting others to do the right thing and place our futher in there hands.
I expected to see the sea gull get hit at something like 180mpg at
Brainard a few years ago.

Victor Salisbury

Orange rider was transitioning from left to the right, looks like he hit the motorcycle in front (misjudged closure rate and/or front rider had a problem/chopped throttle/panicked because someone was flying up his butt/who knows??).

20/20 after the fact, swerve left might be the correct answer, butttt, being on the right side of the track that had more 'open' space in front of me, to decide to swerve would have been a very hard to mentally process and execute in that time frame. By the time you saw/registered the orange rider going down, uttered 'WTH?", the flying bike is in your face.
Someone who practices swerving alot , lots of track experience, might have the reactive skill (both mentally and physically, emphasis on mentally) to have avoided, but you'd have to be razor sharp focused.......

What would I have done, honestly,  hopefully I would have ducked, as low as possible and hope the flying bike didn't drop kick my butt.  :-\