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WSBK Kawasaki dominates


Crotch Rocket
Forum Subscriber
Hopefully the Panigale V4 in Bautistas hands won't be that dominant all year.


Don't hold you're breath for a slower Bautista when the tracks a fast and flowing. Theses a the FIM's
New rev limits for 2019
2019 Rev Limits New Models

Model   Rev Limiter   Limiter +3%   Max power   Set limit at
BMW S1000RR   14,475 rpm   14,909 rpm   13,800 rpm   14,900 rpm
Kawasaki ZX-10RR   14,300 rpm   14,729 rpm   13,500 rpm   14,600 rpm
Ducati Panigale V4 R   16,000 rpm   16,480 rpm   15,250 rpm   16,350 rpm

Shorter stop and go tracks will  lessen the disparity but Ducks have the advantage for a while