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12/10/22 AZ Track Day


I know a guy that works with the AZ Cruiser Academy and he asked me if I wanted to sign up for a skills class and track day. I'm going to try it out since the track is 10 miles down the road from me, Podium Club at Attesa.
6870 S Bianco Rd, Casa Grande, AZ 85193

Check it out, it will cost you $250 for the day.

Arizona (AZ) Cruiser Academy provides everyday cruisers the opportunity to enhance their skills in an environment that combines slow-speed drills with a road-speed track environment that’s free of the dangers and distractions on public roads. And so much more.

Our unique learning experience creates a pro-motorcycle environment for which riders can improve their skills, learn new techniques in a slow-speed environment, and immediately apply their skills in a safe road-speed track environment.

Come enjoy learning from highly regarded and certified motorcycle coaches using the latest training curriculums and training environments. Practice your skills at road-speed on our world-class track facility – Podium Club @ Attessa – as you hone your cornering, braking, vision, filtering, and other safety-related skills – all while smiling and having a great time.

Join us at our next event and experience motorcycle training like never before.


Safety is a priority, so we offer rider groups separated by skill level / pace. Ensuring everyone is in their comfort zone


Riders are scheduled to rotate between slow maneuvering course, track practice and Coaching discussions on 30 minute session intervals


We host Track days, Coaching events for Cruisers.


Coaching and track side support available for all riders.

This is not a COG sanctioned event.
7am - Gates open for Vendor set up.
7:30 - Registration Opens
8am - Tech Inspection
8:30 - Riders Meeting
9am - Paddock and Track training starts
12pm - 1pm - Lunch
1pm - 3pm - Resume Training
3pm - 4pm - Open Track Session
Gumby, is this a Cruiser type instruction?
Reason I ask is I found a Company that does the same type of training called Ride Smart.
They be at your track, and is not as cruiser related.
Imagine 40 Cruisers and a Connie.......

Yes, I know a bike is a bike, and twistie approach etc is basically the same on all.
The reason I mentioned it is just a fyi.
We had a "few" cruisers in our class.
Note that at the class I attended, passing was not allowed in the turns. because of that the cruisers held back most of the Connies that were there. Particularly when there was a series of turns.

Note that this was a Novice class. With your skills (ie; a bit above Novice), it may be an issue.
Lights and mirrors taped up for next weekend. Anybody else going?


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Morning Ted,

They will split up riders by experience so I don't see the slower riders being a problem.
When we did the later sessions, we left the class and entered the Track when you got ready to go.
So the later groups were mixed, not on track as a scheduled group.

I bet your looking forward to the track day!
Being a nice guy, I decided to inspire ya with a photo of yer Hero in action.


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We had a photographer out there and I am waiting for him to post pictures so I can snag some decent pics.

The turn out was all Harleys, a girl on a BMW S1000XR, and me. So it was a Harley passing festival all day long. Don’t get me wrong it was a blast, no potholes, gravel, or fear of animals made for an awesome peg dragging day.

I’m actually thinking about doing an article for the Concourier about my track day.

Here are a few pics


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