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12 Connie 14, low miles


Big Wheel
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7,103 miles

Easy fly and ride from Lambert St Louis done that with the last two bikes I sold if you are from out of town.

I am the second owner. Bought it in May and decided by July it did not work with my left knee.

Great bike and man this thing will run, smooth as a piece of glass. Best performance bike I've owned. Shaft drive is nice.

Battery new the day I picked it up, front tire has 600 miles on it, rear 150.

Original owner ended up with some health issues that forced his sale.... After a garage tip over.... Pictures to follow. If you are looking for pristine this isn't your bike. It has a couple scuffs but you can ride a $16,000 machine and not notice them at a steep discount. The pictures I am trying to be honest with but it actually is less noticeable than these close up pictures.

It's a lot of bike for the money that is ready for the next 100,000 miles. We bought it to be a two up rider but just isn't going to work.
Let me know any questions you have about it. Read Less

7,103 miles on machine



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Fixed, I had modified another ad and posted here.... Frustration trying to add pictures

my apologies, thanks for watching out for me