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1982 Suzuki GS650G


Posted from Craigslist:

1982 Suzuki GS650G with only 7,4XX miles on it. I am the third owner - first owner owned it for 34 years, religiously upkept it, and then sold it to an elderly friend, who lightly rode it and then sold it to me. Has factory exhaust from the GS650GT - looks and sounds great!

The bad: front left fork seal is just started leaking - it's weeping ever so slightly - but can probably continue riding as is for the season. Other than that, the bike needs nothing.

At the beginning of the season, the bike had a brand new clutch and springs installed (nothing happened, I just used wrong oil and thought it was the clutch and replaced it along with the right oil LOL), along with the clutch cover gasket & an oil & filter change. Clutch cable was adjusted as well.

Last season, the bike had new tires installed, along with new rear shocks and spacers to raise the rear a little. The front brake pads were also replaced. The shaft drive was serviced as well.

Six years ago, the carbs were removed, ultrasonically cleaned, and completely rebuilt: new gaskets, needles, seats, diaphragms, etc. The carbs were syncronized as well. Since then, the bike has only had premium fuel, and I've used a fuel additive every other tank. When stored for the winter, the last two tanks have Startron added to them, and I've never had an issue with the carbs. The inside of the fuel tank is spotless. Bike starts with no choke, idles nicely, and builds revs great!

All electrics work, brakes are great, bike literally needs nothing right now - just hop on and go! This bike has given me many, many miles of fun, but the time has come for her to go.

Call/text Aaron at 86O-329-1O93, or message me on here. I'm asking $2,200 locally, but I'm open to reasonable offers.

The bike is located in Naugatuck, CT but can meet/travel/deliver within reason - flexible and willing to help.



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