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2005 C-10 for sale ( No Longer for Sale)


Decided to keep riding it for a while.
Not for sale at this time.

2005 Concours for sale.

After more than two decades of being on C-10’s and C-14’s and assorted Goldwings, I’m taking my motorcycle riding in a different direction.

My Concours is in very good condition and runs great. It has approx 33k miles and will go up as I still ride it often. The bike has these after market accessories: Givi tinted windscreen, K&N air filter, front fender extender, OEM back rest and luggage rack, Helibars, Oxford premier heated grips, after market comp style adj levers, throttle lock and a Shad 33l top case.

Bike has been recently serviced with: rebuild of front/rear brake calipers, new brake pads and speed bleeders. Radiator fan blade and all hoses have been replaced, system flushed and filled with Honda coolant. Murphs reed valve block off plate kit installed, new grease fittings installed on rear suspension, bafflectomy performed, new plugs, plug wires and coils, fuel petcock rebuilt, in-line fuel filter installed. All lightbulbs have been replaced. Throttle and choke cables oiled, 12v outlet added. SISF free power mod completed, recent Amsoil full syn oil and final drive fluid change completed. Bike has an almost new set of Avon Spirit ST’s mounted. Included is a box of misc. spare parts including, set of Murphs knee savers, front fork seal kit and coolant log o-ring kit. The Pearl Luster Beige (Gold) paint is in good condition, The bike gets a lot of complements wherever it is parked. The bike is ready to ride. Price is firm at $3300. As normal, test rides allowed with M/C endorsed license and full asking price in cash/in hand. Located in High Point, NC. 27265

Feel free to PM if any additional info is needed.

Regards, KG


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