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2006 C10 for sale

Ghost Rider 2

I have decided to sell my C10. This bike is in great shape. It only has 17,845 miles. Original owner was in his 70's bike has been well cared for since new.
Going to list everything that I can think of probably will forget some of it. Sorry I can not post photo send me PM with your phone number and I will text you several photos that I took 11/16/20.
KB forward highway pegs
Murphs knee saver lowering system with Goldwing pegs
your choice 06 seat or 88 flat seat. Both excellent shape
Choice Kawasaski windshield with wicker bill on top or Cee Bailey tinted non vent
Tank Bra
Bar Risers
Cee Bailey headlight shield
Passanger back rest with read rack
12v switched aux plug left fairing pocket
Battery tender plug
Grip puppies
Throttle miser cruise control
Bike has like new Metzler tires on it.

Bike $3500.
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I don't blame you for trying to get as much as you can for your bike but you are asking more than I've seen some 2008-2009 Concours 1400's sell for, Might be why you have not had any luck selling it yet.