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2013 rides, next suuny day is?

New Year is almost here, so where do we go. I am looking at ant new years rides already set if the weather co-oprates to join. Or I thought about O'Donnell's just off I-5 at 128th if we get a decent day. May be a good way to mix up with other die-hards. I considered going north or maybe SE towards the Snoqualmie Falls, which would be a good roll back home for most. If Weather permits, maybe 10-11am meet and ride or an hour later? What else is out there? That includes other tag a long options.
If my son wasn't in town for vacation I would sign up, but I'm thinking I'll stick around since he leaves on the 3rd.
It's looking good for Jan 1. Maybe cold in the morning, forecasts between 30- 34 early. I hope for above freezing. I would think either a late start as 10 or 11am and ride an hour later, after all some may be up late.
Then 10:30 at ODonell's, east side of the 128th street exit in south Everett. Ride at noon. Route will be discussed, either to Snoqualmie Falls if not icey or a lowland route towards Deception Falls and back. Or both. 206 499-1333.
I met Wayne at O'Donnell's for breakfast. We left around noon going north to Mary'sville and took the roads thru Tulalip, Stanwood, Laconner, and up to the state park past Anacortes. There is a beautiful drive around it with spectacular views of the islands. Throughout the ride there and back we had clear views of the Cascades. We went back about the same way with generally light traffic only passing a couple of times since my power plug on my radar detector didn't work. Generally dry roads, but did ride through some fog.
I'm sorry I missed it.  :mad:  I worked all day instead, though, so come rally time I'll have a few bucks of disposable income.  :)