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2014 C14 1 Owner - Sold!


2014 Concuurs 14. Purchased new in April of 2015. 37,000 Miles. Very well maintained and garage kept. Amsoil since 600 mile oil change. All service records are available, including valve adjustment and shim map. All fluids changed annually. Rear drive fluid changed with each tire change. This awesome machine is used strictly for pleasure riding, no commuting. I'm getting old and this girl isn't getting any lighter. New bike on order so this is listed and price to sell.

If you're looking for a perfect show room princess, then this is not the machine for you. Mechanically she is flawless, only the best was used and she is perfect in this regard. Cosmetically, she is a B-. Few chips and dings, nothing major, just not perfect.

KBB has this at $8,450 stock and internet pricing is all over the board. My price with included items below will be $5,999. Located in the Tulsa area. Reach me either PM or DKDRURY9@Gmail.com

Located just north of Tulsa

Included with the bike for this sale price

Rostra Electronic Cruise Control
Throttle Meister throttle Lock
Gafler SS brake lines front and rear plus the clutch line
Amsoil since 600 mile oil change
Sargent Saddle
Tires have about 1k miles on them.
Shoodaben ECU flash

Buyer has 1st option to purchase the following
Russel Day Long Saddle
Stock saddle
Traxxion Dynamics AK 20 fork cartridges
Penske rear shock
Bar risers - 2"
VStream and Givi wind screen
Factory Service Manual
Rigid Auxiliary Lighting with Pencil Beam pattern.
Two Brother Racing Slip On Exhaust with Quiet Tip


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Welp, I traded the Ol girl in yesterday. I'm a 2020 Versys 1000 Owner. My first 50 miles proved I'm going to miss the grunt of the C14. However the V1k just about popped up in the center stand with very little effort from me. It'll be an adjustment for sure. Thanks all!