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2014 Yamaha Majesty YP400E (REDUCED to $3799)


Industry Vendor
This is NOT your childhood scooter! A “sport bike” in disguise..
In perfect condition. 4,050 miles. Constantly Variable Transmission (CVT), just twist the throttle and go. 61 MPG in normal travel on regular gas. Has never been dropped, damaged or abused, and the paint is bright, shiny and “as new”. Large storage area under the trunk, holds plenty of groceries.  Quick in getting away from traffic and easily capable of exceeding any speed limit in the country, two-up. A complete “Blast” to drive. Has been fully “sorted out”, meaning it is equipped for completely comfortable travel. Better horn, Corbin seat with backrest. Seat is adjustable forward/back. Large touring windscreen with additional adjustable wind deflector. I’m 78 and set it up for complete comfort.
40 miles on last oil/filter change, ready for travel across town or the country.
I’m selling ONLY because I outgrew my GL-1800, and bought a new toy.



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