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2019 SPIDER RIDE Registration is open and on the NC Calendar


Registration for the September 2019, 24nd ANNUAL SPIDER RIDE is open on the NORTH CENTRAL CALENDAR.

The event will again be held at Huzzah Valley Resort, Steelville, MO. (www.huzzahvalley.com) or call (1-800-367-4516).
Tent camping is $12 per night or you can reserve in advance in one of their cabins for an additional charge.  Tent campers pay when you arrive.  Restrooms and coin operated hot showers are close by.

Registration is $40 for members, $50 for non-members and will include breakfast Friday, Saturday and Sunday and dinner on Friday and Saturday.  Friday dinner will be burgers and brats and Saturday will be a whole hog roast with sides and a dessert.

Here is the link to register: 

Official dates will be September 13th-15th, but everyone knows many will arrive Thursday the 12th.  Thursday dinner is on you.  We usually have dinner in Steelville at the Spare Rib Inn or Rich's Famous Burgers.  If you have any questions please contact me (Gary Mazzola) at gmazzola@sbcglobal.net  or  call/text me at 314-606-2233.

Great roads, great people, great food.  It doesn't get any better.  I'm expecting another big group this year.  Get yourself registered and tell your friends!

Just Cliff

I'm in, just need to see if I've registered yet. I normally bring 1 or 2 with me after attending the wolf.

See y'all there!  :motonoises:


I posted the event on the southeast section to alert the RWTW participants to make their reservations at the Burnett Hotel and Spa!
I know Kurt B and Steve J are attending from that area.  Hopefully they will bring their friends.  I appreciate your willingness to accommodate the SE guys so they can make our rally.