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2021 happenings?


We met Tom and Lisa the other day and had mentioned to them a possible destination for next year. The wolf and I stumbled upon a super cool camping spot off of highway 63 on the Oklahoma and Arkansas border. It’s called ‘Gibby’s biker camp’. It’s just a guy and his wife that run it basically out of their backyard...it has a couple of primitive cabins, a couple of heated/cooled cabins, RV hookups, plenty of camp space, and they over a bed and breakfast as well. He’s hosted all makes and types of organizations, not just limited to motorcycles. There are ‘refreshments’ available for donations as well as pop and water. There’s an outdoor shower available (totally private) which is fantastic to use while the sun is coming up. It’s basically in the middle of nowhere, but civilization is only about 20 miles away. There’s a couple of state parks near there, and the little bit that we got to see (was headed to North Carolina) made for an entertaining ride....

Lisa and I really enjoyed this place and would really like to go back sometime with more people. We pitched a tent when we stayed there, and could hear the water from the creek that runs along his property.

It’s just a suggestion, but what say ye?



Sounds like a good place to go.
Unfortunately, everyone's waiting for the Pandemic to end so we can start planning rides again.

Ride safe, Ted